We aim to make the user experience and interaction with your system as friendly and efficient as possible. Users want a site that is easy to use and extract information from and at ITcroc we do exactly that by focusing on building a great user experience.

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There are several platforms for website but one of the most popular one is WordPress. It is due to the ease of use and offers so many options that it has become developers’ favorite platform. We specialize in WordPress and hence we have all the required expertise to convert your PSD to a lovely WordPress site.

PSD to WordPress Portfolio

We have worked on some excellent PSD and converted them to mind blowing WordPress site. Prepare to be pleased, visit our portfolio now

How We’re Different

We are different because of our commitment, communication and confident in handling any projects that we accept from each of our clients. Our project management will please you, after client service will delight you. So contact us right away and exercise the best value for money service.

Leader of WEB

Our web development team is as strong as any family bond. We work together and we get it done in time maintaining the highest quality in each project.

Maintenance and

We offer a full 3 months free maintenance for our clients after delivering a project. Also if any upgradation is needed, we do it in very less price.

Friendly Website

We make sure that each website we create is SEO friendly by adding necessary SEO plugins so that the client face no problem in carrying on SEO program.

& Setup

Once we complete a website, we do a full checkup for bugs and most importantly the responsiveness to ensure the website looks perfect.


We don’t just jump in to start projects rather we take time in planning, organizing content and then implementing those. We have a very efficient work procedure and project management system which leads to successful project completion.

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Let’s Get Started!

We offer a powerful combination of profound tech expertise, low-risk processes, and proven experience in a variety of business idea turn into reality. Please contact us, and an expert will get back to you shortly with a free, no-obligation quote.