Cyber Security

We use Cyber Drill, a service to keep your users familiar with threats and information technology risk. We simulate and measure attack scenarios with various forms of the threats and cyber drill techniques. With our simulations of attack you will be able to measure the security awareness in your organization. We can help you and your users to effectively reduce the number of security issues in your business.

Cyber Security - ITcroc


Our FIDO U2F (Universal Second Factor) and UAF (Universal Authentication Framework) Security Experts is focused to enables better security for online services.

Data Protection

Our Data Security Experts are focused to UNDERSTAND your business data-security situation and then specifically PROTECT your business against the risks that are genuinely relevant.

Password Management

We help to improve your password management and overall corporate security posture that makes it easier to have and maintain best security practices.


Our Encryption Experts will help you to encrypt your laptops and memory sticks. We makes it possible for your business to treat your data seriously.

Cyber Security Consultant


At ITcroc, you will find specialized consultants in Cyber Security. Our experts are specialized in Cyber Security laws like GDPR, POPI and other National Cyber Security Laws, information security and business continually management, processes and human behavior.

Product portfolio

We are experts in the leading Cyber Security solutions on the market and we provide you with a portfolio to solve their most complex cyber security business problems.


We try to make you an expert in Cyber Security and make it possible for you to expand your offerings. We arrange technical certified and non-certified training to amplify your knowledge on cyber security.

Global Expertise

We have a global network of leading Cyber Security Experts with engagement and ability above the norm. Our experts can handle the largest and most complex Cyber Security matters.

Marketing Support

We offer a complete suite of marketing support and services, from planning to deployment of the latest cyber security technology on the market. We help to create leads, online communication and gain visibility.

Team Work

At ITcroc we play a unique in your go-to-market strategy in each countries where we have our local team based. Our Cyber Security Experts are specialized in different fields. We invest considerable resources in continually developing and retaining this expertise.

Team work

Supply Chain Services

ITcroc has different supply chain competencies and experience and we know how to give you advantages in terms of price, competence and flexibility. We have extensive experience of various supply chain services in forms of currency invoicing, tax recoverability, export, international bank network, tax lawyers and we are able to give you a holistic mind-set and a clear legal guidance for every detail in a supply chain.

Marketing Services

ITcroc help you to create a local and customized marketing plan that brings out the best of your solution. We work on a Global market with local expertise to make your brand to shine. We make people to talk about your solution and we work very close with you and we deliver Cyber Security, together. We know you need patience to be able to just find your position in the local market and we help you to create marketing you will be proud of.

Global Deployment

ITcroc can assist the vendors and customers on a daily basis with applications for deployment, education, support, and regulatory issues and to make the deployment user friendly. A large part of our global deployment also include measure and follow up on the satisfaction or our services and products to always make sure to know how we perform.

ITcroc Training

ITcroc have an exclusive way to train and learn cyber security best practices and industry standards. We give our customers the tools and processes on how cyber security should be built into each phase of your solutions lifecycle. ITcroc cooperate with international training institutions and organizations. Our partnership allow clients to worldwide knowledge in an easy way.

Let’s Get Started!

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